What Is Pebbled Leather? Styles, Durability And Trends

Leather material has been getting popular day by day. Even though we are in 2021, people like to buy leather-made material. There are various types of leather material that exist in the market but we will include only two types of famous leather that exist in the market including genuine leather and PU/faux or artificial leather. If you have questions like what is pebbled leather? then this is the perfect answer.

Leather made goods such as handbags, wallets, jackets are considered to be one of the most used leather goods.

I’m sure if you are a woman and have a leather handbag or other leather goods you might have faced questions like which one to choose? leather one or another one right?

What is pebbled leather?

The term “Pebbled Leather” means a texture done on leather material. It is done on either faux/artificial leather or on genuine leather.

What Is Pebbled Leather
Pebbled leather made handbag

It could be any leather type material it’s the brand’s choice to give texture on genuine leather or on faux or vegan/artificial leather.

Pebble texture on the leather material can be found in many leather goods at all price range even luxury brands are using pebbled leather-like Gucci, Burberry. Luis Vuitton, and many more

How pebble texture is done on leather materials?

The process to give a pebble texture is a long process but in short words surface of leather, materials are pressed with rounded raised areas or raised bumps.

What Is Pebbled Leather? Styles, Durability And Trends

Generally, pebble leather texture creates little rounded raised areas or bumps. It is less prone for scratch marks to be made on pebbled leather material. So you will often see a leather good with pebbled leathers that are less prone to scratch marks.

What Is Pebbled Leather? Styles, Durability And Trends

As I told you that it can be done on any leather type material including genuine and PU leather. Applying pebble surface helps materials to look more stylish and to defend from scratch marks

FAQs: What is pabble leather

Is pebble leather real leather?

Pebble leather is only a texture of leather material. That pebble texture can either be on real genuine leather or can be with PU/artificial leather.
The primary difference between real and artificial leather is that real genuine leather will last longer for many years and even decades and artificial leather will be started felling of in only 2-3 years but it upon the quality of artificial leather.

Is pebble leather made goods expensive?

People often confuse that pebble leather goods are expensive than that other types of leather. However, it is solely upon the leather material that is used on leather goods. If it’s made of genuine leather then surely the price range will be greater, and if it’s made of artificial or PU leather then the price will be lower than genuine leather goods.

So simply what makes leather goods more expensive is that type of leather material is used in leather goods and in addition how the texture came on the skin of the material.
As usual, we know that luxury brands have a higher price range than you can estimate their prices greater than $500 and $1000.

Many luxury brands are using pebble leather-like Gucci using it to make wallets, bags, jackets, and many more. Burberry using it, LV using it, Coach using it and you name it there are many luxury brands.

Consider visiting 20 popular luxury handbag brands list to get information about several luxury brands in the world.

Is pebble leather durable?

It’s upon leather materials that have been used in leather goods. Natural or genuine leather with pebble grain pressed into leather material is considered more durable leather. If you manage to care for that leather good, it will last for decades.

Wherever if pebble texture is done on PU or faux leather then it is mostly like to be determined by the quality of that synthetic leather. It is human-made leather and made of one type of plastic. So it’s hard to decide how much time it will last long. However, it is not as durable as genuine leather.

Is pebbled leather a water proof material?

If it is made of a synthetic type of human-made leather then sometimes it would be water-resistant and even sometimes come in waterproof.

Wherever a genuine leather can never be completely waterproof but if it has some man-made coating on it then this is possible to make a genuine leather good waterproof.

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