Are you struggling to store your essentials including bags, luggage, and backpacks? Regardless of whether or not you’re considering DIY or need to realize such ideas associated with a way to store bag and backpacks then this blog is for you.

I understand that not all of you need to store a single bag and backpack many of you may want to store a collection of purses, backpacks, and any of the bag. This is a perfect blog for your queries about how to store bags and backpacks.

Bags come in different types, sizes, shapes, and styles. Organizing those bags may be difficult sometimes especially when you have less time or don’t have a concept to arrange bags and backpacks.

You could use some of the tips that I’m going to share with you. Are these all tips costly?

No not that much it will cost only a few dollars and some tips won’t even require a lot of money.

But after talking this much you might be thinking like what tips are going to be covered by me right?

If you have a collection of purses/handbags then visit Purse & Storage Ideas by I will give you all the tips that are being used by many households.

Of course, if you have a larger collection of bags then you would need a dedicated area to organize or store your bag and backpacks like a closet, cupboard, cabinet, shelves.

First of all let me confirm that I will include tips for:

  1. Handbags/purses (crossbody, slings, clutches, satchels, hobos, totes, etc.)
  2. Backpacks
  3. Travel Luggage

1] Handbags/Purses Storage Ideas

If you are a woman then you must-have handbags and purses and even a collection of handbags right?

Usually, handbags come in different sizes, shapes, types (consider visiting our blog on 30 types of handbags and their styles [HERE]) to see what types of handbags exist.

You often need to use your handbags right and if you have a large collection then you would need a dedicated space for storing your handbags/purses.

So let’s start from our first tips for your queries on how to store bags and backpacks.

1] Handbag Hangers To Store Your Handbags

A handbag hanger is one of the most used tips by many individuals to store their purses/handbags properly.

Just like the above image you can similarly store your handbags using “S SHAPE” hangers

By following this tip you can utilize vertical area efficiently which will make your handbags totally organized.

Not only “S SHAPE” hanger there are many types of hangers that exist for handbags. And ya! sure it is also used to organize backpacks, clothes, suits, etc.

Before hanging them make sure you empty your handbags

2] Use Readymade Handbag Hanging Organizer Closet To Store Them.

How To Store Bags And Backpacks -

Another tip for storing handbags is to buy a handbag hanging organizer closet and there store it effectively. It turns so easy to organize your purses in this organizer closet.

These types of readymade organizers come with different options for pocket sizes. Storing your handbag in a handbag organizer is one of the fine options at a less expensive price.

With using this tip, bags can be easily placed and taken out when required.

3] Use Baskets And Handbag Bins To Store Handbag Properly.

How To Store Bags And Backpacks -

As shown in the above photo you could use baskets or purse storage bins to arrange your purse. You can purchase more than 1 or 2 baskets to store an exceptional variety of purses out of your series.

4] Glassdoor Closet Cupboard Organizer.

How To Store Bags And Backpacks

Storing handbags/purses on a glassdoor closed cupboard organizer is my personal favorite tip to show off luxury handbags.

So if you have a collection of luxury handbags then you could try the glassdoor closet to organize your handbags.

5] Store In Simple Cupboard.

We all keep clothes, books, and plenty of essentials in a simple cupboard right? Then why not utilize an easy cabinet to store all of your handbags?

At the bottom, you may think to keep your sling bags, crossbody bags, and in the top phase, you could consider storing your normal use purses/purses so you can carry them out without problems and quicker speed.

6] Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Tray

These types of hanging handbag organizer trays are one of the best ways to store your clutches and other types of handbags such as satchels, crossbody, etc.

I have included this tray on our tips on how to store bags and backpacks because not all women out there have a large collection of bags many of them may have 3-4 clutches and everyday handbags.

7] Handbag Hanger Stand

How To Store Bags And Backpacks
How To Store Bags And Backpacks

Commonly, these types of handbag hanger stand come with a long stable stand where you can hang your handbags/purses.

Note: Before you use a handbag to hang on the hanger stand you first need to make sure that your handbag is completely empty and fill it up with the newspaper.

8] Using Command Hooks

How To Store Bags And Backpacks

Command hooks are commonly used tips for any individual. Even many of us oftentimes use it to store our clothes, bags, etc.

9] Wall Shelf To Organize Handbags And Purse.

How To Store Bags And Backpacks
How To Store Bags And Backpacks

Plenty of people do have wall shelves in their rooms then why not use that shelves to store handbags/purses?

You can store your handbags similar to the above-shown image. As you can see there are three shelves and other than that there are also some command hook stands to store sling bags.

10] Over The Door Hook Hanger

An over-the-door hook hanger is also the best way to store your handbags with small space required.

2] Backpack Storage Ideas

Backpacks are like essentials for many students and office goers.

You need to store your handbag properly because it always seems like whenever you need one you can’t able to find them.

Or even if you are a mom then your kids may have that backpacks everywhere in massy condition like under the floors, under the bed after school time.

1] Use Mudroom To Store Your Backpacks.

How To Store Bags And Backpacks

In the US many households and families use mudroom to store shoes, bags, coats, hats, and many more.

So yes! storing backpacks in the mudroom is the best idea. Also, many of us have mudrooms at the entrance of the house so it becomes easy to carry out backpacks when needed.

2] Use Wall Hooks To Store Backpacks.

Another great way to store backpacks is to have an individual hook for each backpack. It is often used as a handy area to store backpacks.

3] Store Backpacks In Simple Cupboard

As I said to you earlier in the part of storing handbags tips you can use a simple cupboard to store any type of handbags. Same as that you could use a cupboard to store backpacks to use space efficiently.`

4] Put Smaller Backpack In A Large Backpack To Save The Space

Well if you have backpacks that you’re not using very often you can take the smaller one and put them into the larger one.

Then you always going to know that where is your backpacks.

5] Store Your Backpacks In Closet.

Just like a cupboard, you can think of storing backpacks in different types of closets. To use vertical space effectively use the closet to store your backpacks.

6] Use Ready-Made Storage Organizers For Backpacks.

These types of organizers include some coat to hold your backpacks, hats, keys, etc.

7] Use Baskets And Storage Bins To Store Bags And Backpacks Properly

Already included in the tips of the handbag these tips can be used to organize your backpacks. You could buy more than 1 or 2 baskets to store backpacks along with handbags.

You could use different baskets for different types of bags.

For example…

  1. In another basket, you could store your backpacks.
  2. In one basket you could keep your clutches and small pouches there.
  3. In another basket, you could keep daily handbags like satchel bags, tote bags, hobo bags, etc.

8] Wall DIY Backpack Hanger

Image Credit:

Do you love DIY and you also sometimes implement DIY on your own? then why not make a DIY backpack hanger at home. You can search on Google for more information about DIY hangers of different types of bags.

3] Travel Luggage And Suitcase Storage Ideas

Storing luggage at home sometimes gives a headache and if you are a travel freak then you may have different types of luggage at your home.

Yes! it is bulky, clunky, big. It is not possible to show off that bulky bug luggage bag in your closets unless it’s premium or vintage luggage.

So let’s discuss few tips to store luggage:

1] Simply Store Luggage Under Your Bad

You must have heard about 1st tip or even may have used 1st tip a lot right?. Storing luggage under your bag is one of the easiest and most handy spots to store.

2] Store Your Smaller Carry-On Luggage Inside A Larger Suitcase And Store That Suitcase Under Your Bad

2nd tip isn’t used by many individuals but it is my recommend tip to store your luggage in a suitcase to save space.

Trust me your carry-on luggage can even fit in your large suitcase. However, you can also store your beach bags, duffle bags along with luggage in a larger suitcase.

Don’t hesitate to visit our blog on the top 10 best beach bags for families and also share our blog on how to store bags and backpacks.

3] Store Your Luggage And Suitcase On A High Shelf Of A Closet

If you have space left on the highest shelf of your closet then store it there so that no one can see bulky, big luggage in front.

4] Hang It With Using Sturdy Hooks

Hooks are all the way 3rd time on our blog on how to store bags and backpacks. Those are really powerful tools to store your fashion essentials and different types of bags.

With using sturdy hook you can even hang that bulky and big luggage and suitcases.

So these were some tips about how to store bags and backpacks.

Before You Store Your Bags And Backpacks Please Consider These Terms:

1] Keep empty your bags or backpacks

Yes, it is true that you must first empty your bags and backpacks because even if you don’t then chances are higher that the quality of shoulder straps of your bags gonna be decreed day by day.

So first make sure that you empty your bags and backpacks including handbags, everyday packs, travel packs, etc.

2] Keep clean external aria of the bags
Yes! it is possible to clean your bags with any unneeded cloth.

And keep in mind that if you are using tips like storing your handbag in the stand or something else that gets humid air and dust easily then make sure to clean it on a weekly basis.

You can even use mild brush or any soft clothes to clean them.

3] Add a label on bags

Hmm! If you are having a big collection of handbags or any other type of bag then you could consider giving different names to different bags.

4] Stuff them with papers

Stuffing your bags with paper will make sure the prevention of wrinkles. Especially if you have leather handbags then stuff them with papers.

Even you can use bubble wrap to stuff them:

5] Cover with a cloth or plastic wrap

Now if you have a collection of that so much expensive luxury handbags then you won’t like someone to touch it so much if you don’t then you can buy a plastic wrap or use a cloth to prevent your expensive handbags.

Don’t forget to visit Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas : 10 Tips To Store Them Effectively.