How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag: 3 Impressive Tips

This whole pandemic is unvaried conditions for many reasons: fashion obstruction, parties, traveling, and businesses are just some of them.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be very hard on leather. I don’t want to scare you. And even light colors like white can be heavily affected by the sanitizer stains.

This could be a perfect answer to your question on how to remove sanitizer stain from leather bag.

Most sanitizers contain isopropyl or methyl alcohol. The sanitizer is diluent and has good penetration power to the leather surface. So it is assumed that it could damage your leather bag easily.

2020, 2021, and in the future until the situation gets normal the use of sanitizer will be as it is today. And sure it is necessary nowadays and could be then too!

Many of us put our sanitizer bottles in our handbags or any other type of bag.

How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag

You use sanitizer, right? whether you are going to market, office, or any such works the new norm includes excessively scrubbing our hands with sanitizer. 

We always put items in our bags without a second thought, but that normally included our small wallets, keys, the credit cards that aren’t at risk of spillage.

However, sanitizer is the only thing that could damage your leather bag from inside or outside. And if it makes a stain on the outside surface then you wouldn’t like to wear it daily after the incident.

After sanitizer has been spilled It would make a darker color at first and even no color seems to see at first then after few seconds or minute you will find that the spot turned black and then a little lighter and then even white.

To avoid getting hand sanitizer on your bag, be careful especially when you use bottles with pumps in the office, store, etc.

If you still appear to get hand sanitizer to your bag, you can attempt to wipe it off with a humid material or napkin, but typically it’s too late because the sanitizer is so sturdy and additionally quickly dissolves itself.

How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag


In this tip, I have used Leather cleaner and conditioner from the brand Chemical Guys which I have bought from the Amazon store. It worked very well on my LV Speedy.

1. Remove Sticky Gel Residue With A Leather Cleaner

At this 1st point, we will use a leather cleaner to remove any sticky gel residue with gel residue that’s still on the bag.

  • First, take a new tissue.
  • Then spray a leather cleaner a little bit on that tissue.
  • And then apply on your leather surface where a sanitizer stain has occurred.
  • We will then remove excess with a tissue.
  • After doing these steps you won’t see your stain completely removed.
  • As its name suggests leather cleaner will give you a clean base to repair coating with a leather cleaner.
How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag: 3 Impressive Tips
How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag

2. Apply a Small Drop of Leather Conditioner Or Specified Oil Onto the Strain

In the next steps, we will be using a leather conditioner or you could even use coconut oil or Marula oil.

I don’t know if other oils like olive oil could clean it or not! I would recommend you to use Marula oil which will not harm your bag at all.

I like Marula oil because what is good about that one is it’s light yet hydrating which is what we want to apply on the surface.

So make sure first to choose which one you are willing to use.

  1. Leather conditioner
  2. Marula oil
How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag

Let me tell you that what alcohol has done to the surface is it’s drawn out the moisture from the surface and oil from the plastic coating of the sensitizer and we are trying to restore that.

So follow these steps:

  • Take a tissue and put a little bit of conditioner or oil on the mark (We will only use a tiny tissue or a bent tissue because we want to put the conditioner or oil on the mark only). Remember that some oil can actually be detrimental to the surface.
  • We will then rub it and let it sit for a couple of seconds and then tissue off the excess.
  • You will see the stain on your bag has darkened and there’s excess oil on the bag.
How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag: 3 Impressive Tips

3. Remove Excess Oil With Leather Cleaner

  • After following 2nd point we will go back in with our leather cleaner to get rid of excess oil on or conditioner on the bag.
  • There’s going to be a little excess cleanser left so we will just use a clean new tissue to wipe off the excess.
  • After doing this process mentioned in 3 points you will see the mark little is a lot better controlled or removed.
How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag: 3 Impressive Tips

Even after the process, if you won’t see the stain whipped out you must repeat 1 to 3 points again. But keep in mind that you must do it very gently.

Go back with a cleaner and then wipe off the excess oil. Then use a leather conditioner to remove the stain and again in 3rd point use leather cleaner to get rid of excess oil.

Short Words: TIP 1 For How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag

  1. Take a clean new tissue then spray a little amount of leather cleaner on the tissue. Then apply it on the surface where exactly the stain has occurred. (This process will not remove stain from the bag instead it is used to clean the surface completely.
  2. Then in the 2nd point take a tissue again and put a little bit of conditioner or oil on the mark. We will then rub it on the surface until the stain is getting removed (around 70-80% and even 100%). In my case, it has removed stain 100%.
  3. After following 2nd point we will go back in with our leather cleaner to get rid of excess oil on or conditioner on the bag.

Let me know if you have tried it or not by comment or send mail on and also if you are trapped in some issue also mail me thank you I will be to there to help each of you.

This one is one of the best tips for your queries on How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather Bag. So let’s go ahead.

Now let’s move to another tip.


It’s obviously a common thing nowadays to use hand sanitizers. We use them a lot nowadays even daily. Women carry sensitizer and purses on a daily basis.

And there’s also a bottle placed in stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and many more places. It has made a big impact on our daily life.

However, accidents do happen when a splash of hand sanitizers ends up on our leather bag and create a serious strain.

I learned this tip from one of my friends. She said to me that her mother once spilled sanitizer on her BOSTANTANT leather handbag.

Immediately after that, she had researched to get a solution for this. Then she called her friend and got some ideas.

One of them is as below:

  1. Take a cup or a half glass of warm water.
  2. Then mix a hint of lemon juice with warm water into it.
  3. After doing this take cotton to gently go over the leather to get darker spots out.

Note first use in very tiny spot to see how it would react.


Most of us use sanitizer on a daily basis and there are also bottles placed in restaurants, offices, and shopping malls.

By chance, if you are wearing a leather bag whether it’s a handbag or other and sanitizer spills on the surface of leather then follow this tip:

  • Immediately take a tissue out of your bag.
  • If you are at the shopping mall, buy Marula oil or Coconut oil.
  • Then apply 1-2 drops of oil on the surface.
  • And then clean it with a tissue to immediately get results.

After doing this apply the leather cleaner and then use moisturizer after 2-3 hours as described in TIP-1.

If TIP-3 works let me know by mailing on And if you are still not able to clean it you can also contact me on my mail.

This is the best solving answer that I could give you through this blog on how to remove sanitizer stain from leather bag.

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