How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag (4 Methods)

Alcohol stains are common nowadays because we use sanitiser daily since COVID is still around us even at the starting point of 2022 and at Christmas time of 2021.

Most sanitizers contain methyl alcohol and isopropyl, and the thing is that this methyl alcohol is one of the most used types of alcohol in the world.

Beer, wine, and distilled spirits come with alcohol properties that may stain your beloved leather bag. but nowadays sanitizers tend to make stains on leather bags and it’s common though.

We always put items in our bags without a second thought, but that normally included our small wallets, keys, the credit cards that aren’t at risk of spillage.

Sanitizers are common nowadays, and according to‘s research, sanitizers containing alcohol may damage clothing materials. 

Not only this stain but also rubbing alcohol on leather bags are common since it is a way to clean out your bag easily with killing germs. As a matter of course, leather items around the house will get rubbing alcohol stains from time to time.

How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag -

Alcohol stains are very easy to remove if it has happened before between 1-2 hours earlier. In this blog post on how to remove alcohol stains on leather bag, I will show you an immediate method that you can use on fresh alcohol stains.

But without saying anything else, let’s see 3 methods as a solution for removing alcohol stains on leather bag 2022.

How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag

Method 1: Use Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

In this method, we will use one of the most popular methods to clean stains on leather goods such as leather seats, boots, and bags. Even leather conditioner has plenty of other uses such as you can use it to clean your leather bag in the future, can clean leather car seats, and plenty more.

1] Use Leather Cleaner To Remove Excess

First start by cleaning the surface where a stain has occurred, creating a foam with the leather cleaner.

  • First, spray leather cleaner on the surface where the stain has occurred.
  • Take a new tissue.
  • Rub the surface with tissue to remove excess.

With the leather cleaner, you will have a clean base to restore the leather’s coating. So use it carefully.

How To Remove Sanitizer Stain From Leather

2] Use Leather Conditioner

In this step, we will be using a leather conditioner to remove alcohol stains from your leather bag

Basically, what alcohol has done to the surface is it’s drawn out the moisture from the surface and we are trying to restore that.

So follow these steps with a leather conditioner:

  • Take a new tissue or clean cotton cloth.
  • Drop a little amount of leather conditioner on a tissue or cotton cloth.
  • Now apply leather conditioner on the surface where a stain has occurred.
  • Rub it gently until the stain is removed.
  • Finally you will see alcohol stain on your bag has darkened and there’s excess oil on the bag.

3] Remove Excess Oil Using Leather Cleaner

If a stain is of alcohol sanitizer, then there is the possibility that there would be excess oil left after using a leather conditioner.

So to remove this excess oil, we will use the same leather cleaner again that we have used in 1st point of this method on how to remove alcohol stain from leather bag.

Repeat the first point:

  • Spray leather clear on surface
  • Take a tissue or cotton cloth to rub the surface

So this method is one of the best methods on our solution of How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag that you can use.

Method 2: Use Toothpaste & Vinegar

This one is a DIY solution to remove the stain on your leather bag. This method is effective in an easy way. You will need toothpaste and some tissue paper and cleaning cloths, and there you go.

My friend used this tip to remove alcohol stains from her MK’s designer bag. She taught me this DIY solution by herself on her MK’s designer bag.

Things needed for this DIY

  • Tissue paper
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush or towel
  • White vinegar
  • 2-3 cleansing cloths

So follow these steps:

  • Rub the leather surface with tissue paper.
  • Dampen a clean towel or an old toothpaste with water (it would be acceptable if you use hot water). NOTE: don’t let it completlly wet gentlly dampen it with water.
  • Now take toothpaste and load a small amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush or towel.
  • Now rub that toothpaste loaded toothbrush or towel on the leather surface where alcohol stain has occurred.
  • After that, take a new clean cloth and wipe it on the surface of leather where you’ve just applied toothpaste with clothing or toothbrush.
  • Now take a new clean cloth and dampen that with white vinegar and begin to wipe affected leather surface.
  • Last, again take a new clean cloth or tissue and wipe off any excess white vinegar residue from the leather surface.
  • After this process, leave leather to air-dry.

After this step, if you have a leather cleaner for your leather car seats, use that on your leather bags’ surface and air-dry again before you use your leather bag.

Method 3: Lemon infusion

If your leather handbag manages to get a sanitizer stain on it, you may use this remedy immediately to get results. I learned this tip from a blog post on a site.

How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag -

Things needed for this DIY

  • Lemon
  • Warm water
  • Cotton balls

Follow these below steps:

  • Take a half cup of warm water.
  • Mix a hint of lemon juice into the warm water.
  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Dampen a cotton ball with the lemon infusion.
  • Now gently go over the leather surface where the stain has occurred.

Note: first, use this DIY in a tiny spot where the leather has affected it to see how it would react.

Make sure to follow this note not to let your leather bag be damaged.

Method 4: Use Marula Oil Or Coconut Oil

This tip is for fresh alcohol stain on the leather bag. By chance, if your bag’s leather surface gets affected with alcohol then immediately.

Things needed for this DIY

  • Tissue paper
  • Marula oil or Coconut oil
How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag -

Now follow these steps:

  • If you are at your home, then find Marula oil or Coconut oil.
  • Then apply 1-2 drops of oil on the surface where the leather has affected.
  • Rub it with a new tissue.
  • Then clean it with a lemon infusion tissue.
  • Leave lether to air-dry.

After air-dry and if possible apply the leather cleaner and then leather conditioner.

So there are 4 methods in our solution of How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag.

Conclusion: How To Remove Alcohol Stains On Leather Bag

If any of the given methods doesn’t work for you, you can send me your queries on my mail HERE. If you have any questions about removing alcohol stain on leather, mail me. 

So you could try any of the tips given on this blog. But this was the best solving answer that I could give to our visitors.

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