Whether you are a style freak or a daily hustler who goes office you would probably in need of extra space or accessories to contribute to your style.

Today I will discuss some of the topics that will probably be going to take your answer of how to match handbag with outfit to the next level.

In this era of technology and fashion contribute of handbag is still exist and often style freaks choose a handbag to match their outfits which means if you are also a style freak or even for the daily casual style you will be needing of a handbag with a great design, color, features and many more to consider.

This blog is an answer to your question of how to pair handbags with outfits and particular with daily dresses or informal occasions?

If you are someone who buys less and wears more then you need to choose a handbag and tend to have just a few handbags for various occasions and even for daily use.

I know that you want to pick the perfect handbag to go with an outfit. There’s also some practical aspect of picking your perfect handbag.

How To Match Handbag With Outfit?

What are the occasions?

What are the occasions that you are going for? where are you going to?

For example, are you going to a business meeting or are you going to a party and addition if you are going to a party are you going to be dancing or are you going to be just hanging around.

Or having only drinks at a party these are practical things that you need to consider when choosing a perfect handbag with your outfit.

There are so may occasions that you may attend often. I would like to include some of them that are:

1] Handbag For Shopping

For shopping, everyday or casual handbag purse will be fine. Mostly for shopping you shop with formal clothes so consider having a casual style handbag whether it’s a tote, hobo, satchel, or any other type of handbags.

Even duffle bags and clutch bags could look great on you for shopping. You can wear it on casual clothes.

2] Handbag For Work Environment

How To Match Handbag With Outfit and different occasions

Handbags for the work environment need to have more functionality and in addition, you can match them with your everyday boots, or clothes.

Handbag needs to have multiple compartments to put your things like files, papers, mobile device, laptop, etc.

3] Purse For The Beach

As its name suggests you can carry a handbag as a beach bag. beach tote bags, casual leather handbag, satchel bags, hobo bags will work fine. Consider visiting our blog of 30 types of handbags.

4] Handbag For Formal Occasions

How To Match Handbag With Outfit and different occasions

Suppose if you are going for a wedding, a dinner invitation, business meet heads, opening events then would you like to choose a hobo, shopping tote bag? of course not.

Formal events require a handbag like a clutch, minaudière, wristlet, etc. You can choose designer handbags too.

5] Handbag For Travelling

How To Match Handbag With Outfit

For travelling handbag needs to have multiple compartments and should not be too big and should not be too small. For travelling crossbody, messenger bags are a must.

6] Handbag For Picnic

Picnic bag has been getting some attention for several years. Considering the term “Picnic Bag” you would probably be thinking of that duffle bag right? yes, you can carry a duffle bag as well.

However for more style and to fit daily essentials with picnic you can pick a picnic tote bag.

7] Handbag For Party

How To Match Handbag With Outfit

If you are going to a party and having only drinks then you can consider having a handbag with top handles.

But I like to dance at parties so I always bring crossbody bags at parties. No doubt you can dance with a top-handled one but your hands wouldn’t be free to move while dancing.

What Color Handbag Goes With Everything?

Matching Color With Outfit:

While plenty of ladies don’t match their bags with outfits it is more likely that you would avoid it. But to have a color theme is still a good idea.

Some color matching ideas:

1] Red

Red is one of the most neutral colors. Red goes with every color of outfits. It is good with navy blue, black, white, and even other mostly used colors.

2] Pastel-toned bag

A pastel-toned bag color like rose-pink with a grey outfit could be looking great together.

3] Yellow Bag

Yellow bags would pair with neutral clothing and gold jewelry.

4] Green

A green bag with any earthy tones could look great.

5] Orange

Orange bags are preferable to wear in warmer months.

6] Brown

Brown bag will look good with every type of outfit. In fact, there are many companies that exist in the market that prefer brown color to sell first in the list because it tends to make a combination with every color outfits.

How to pick a purse colour?

When you think of getting a purse and choosing a purse color what comes to your mind? When it comes to handbag like totes, casual bags, satchels, hobo, crossbody, clutch you can think of many colors but I would only like to include 6 colors that I included already:

  1. Red
  2. Pastel-toned color
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Brown

Red always looks good in parties wherever brown and orange will be looking great for every occasion and even for daily use. Wherever yellow will look good with jewelry, green bag in travel or just for fashion.

How To Pair Bags And Shoes

Matching Shoes & Handbags:

How To Match Handbag With Outfit

Your handbag doesn’t always have to match with your shoes but sometimes it’s useful that you can match your handbag with your shoes if your outfit is already quite busy.

You can match your shoes or sandals like if you are having a black handbag then you can wear black shoes to contribute to your style.

If you wear a lot of cool tones like grey and taupes or blush, white then they look best together.

What Size Will You Need?

What are you likely to need when you’re going out. If you only need a wallet, mobile device, the key then a small handbag will be perfect.

However, if you are the kind of person who is going to use a handbag in university, office, etc then you will need a bigger-sized handbag than the smaller one. So consider having a handbag with a length of more than 15″ because you would probably be going to fit a laptop in it.

If you often attend parties then I would suggest you buy a medium-sized bag. See the tag of dimension first before having any bag from an e-commerce store or from shopping malls. So rather find the perfect size that’s going to work for your needs.

What Type Of Handbag Is Practical For You?

You often need to use a handbag right? whether you are going shopping, a party or any other occasions.

I have made a separate blog on 30 types of handbags which will help you to figure out which of them suits you for your requirements.

5 types of mostly used handbags:

1] Tote Bag

A tote bag is considered a large bag for shopping and often known as a shopping bag as well. Though it often comes in large size, the tote bag looks great for everyday use.

2] Satchel Bag

A satchel bag is a rectangular-shaped bag. Featuring top handles and shoulder strap it is also one of the most used bags. Satchels are best for your work environment.

3] Hobo Bag

Hobo bags also include top handles and shoulder strap but it has crescent-shaped bag.

4] Clutch Bag

I’m sure you must know about the clutch bag. It is a mostly used handbag or we can say a purse. It can be carried underarm.

5] Minaudière

Minaudière is also a type of clutch bag that features decorative crystals which makes it a classy handbag or clutch.

It is best for formal occasions it will suit every formal occasion and I’m sure somebody would be there to ask you about this type of clutch.

Visit out blog and look at other 30 types of handbag [HERE].

But in short what you need to look at is that what is practical for you so, for example, can you wear an over-shoulder bag? or is it a sling bag? does crossbody works for you? or just a hand or wrist bag?

If you want to have your hands free then choose crossbody because it will help you to give you more comfort than that handbag like tote bags and hobo bags which comes with top handles.

As of my opinion for party crossbody works well because it will help you to keep your hand free and then you can dance easily.

For formal occasions you can choose traditional handbag like tote bags, hobo bags, or satchel bags.

Does It Work For Your Outfit?

What does your handbag look like with your outfits the colors, the shape, and the size etc.

So for example, if you are going to a party then wearing a big chunky handbag would look not so good. It can ruin on the occasions right so take a look at the mirror what does it look like.

If you don’t want to take heavy and big handbag consider getting a crossbody bag.

So these is a perfect answer for your question of how to match handbag with outfit.


Should your handbag match your outfit?

If you like to match a handbag with your outfit then you could consider wearing it with matching shoes and keep in mind that in casual styling you should always be wearing a neutral color outfit. And if you are going to a party and date then wearing a chunky big handbag isn’t a good decision that can ruin your occasion.

What color handbag goes with any outfit?

Brown, pastel-toned color, these both type of colors goes with any outfit.

Should your bag match with your shoes or dress?

It’s useful to match your handbag with your shoes if your outfit is already quite busy. You can match your shoes for example if you are having a black handbag then you could consider wearing black shoes to contribute to your style.

How do you pair a handbag with outfit?

It is upon occasion. What are the occasions that you are going for? For example, are you going to a business meeting? or for a party? or anything else you could consider your handbag according to the occasion.


This is the best answer that I can give you for your queries about how to match handbag with outfit? A handbag is the best investment that you can invest in because you gonna use it for a minimum of 2-3 years so check its review in an online store or check it’s quality.

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