Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

If you are a person like me who always thinks of buying handbags and love to wear them then why not organize these handbags and put them in an organized place.

Handbags come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Organizing them may be difficult sometimes especially if you have less time or don’t have an idea to organize handbags.

This blog on how to organize handbags and handbag storage ideas will keep your handbags looking good and easy to access whether you have few bags or a larger collection of handbags/purses.

If you have a larger collection then you would need a dedicated space to organize or store your handbags like a closet, cupboard, or cabinet for clothes.

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas

Tip-1: Use Handbag Hangers

handbag storage ideas

Here in the first tips you just need to keep your handbags like the above image. Here I used “S SHAPE” handbag hangers to hang all the handbags.

By doing this I have utilized vertical space efficiently which makes my handbags totally organized.

It doesn’t matter if you use an S SHAPE hanger or other types of the hanger it is upon you, However, first, make sure of the quality of the hanger.

This one is one of the most used tips for clothes, handbags suits, and many more as we hung our clothes like this in the cupboard you could try to hang your handbags.

Make sure that handbags are empty before hanging them so that handbags do not stretch out. If you have a cupboard then you can hunk your handbags with hooks.

Tip-2: Use Readymade Hanging Handbag Organizer Closet

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

Another tip for storing a handbag is to bring a handbag organizer closet and there store it effectively. It becomes so easy to organize your handbags in this organizer closet.

These types of readymade organizers come with different options for pocket sizes. Storing a bag in a handbag organizer is one of the best options at an affordable price.

It is also the best way to utilize vertical space in your cupboard or any space for hung. You just need to hang that organizer with using hanger that comes along with the readymade handbag organizer closet.

In this tip, bags can be easily placed and taken out when required.

Bag Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Tip-3: Use Baskets And Handbag Bins To Store Handbag Properly

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

As shown in the above image you can use baskets or handbag storage bins to organize your handbag. You could buy more than 1 or 2 baskets to store different types of handbags from your collection.

For example…

  1. In one basket you could keep your clutches and small pouches there.
  2. In another basket, you could keep tote bags, satchel bags, daily handbags.
  3. In another, you could keep sling bags and crossbody bags.

So in this way your all the purses/handbags will be clearly visible and easy to reach. Also, they take less storage space. So this is one of the best storage ideas from all handbag storage ideas on this list.

Purse Storage Ideas For Closet

Tip-4: Closet Organizer Cupboard

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

If you are a person who likes to get things done in a professional way then a closet organizer is for you.

Closet organizers have separate sections for different types of purses. Like in the above image you can see that all the sling bags and clutches are at the bottom section and all hobos, totes, and satchels are at the top and midsection.

The closet organizer may come ready-made and may not be. You could buy closet organizers in furniture shops. Yes! IKEA might have one like the above image.

Tip-5: Glassdoor Closet Cupboard Organizer

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

Do you have tons of luxury handbags? or just planning to make a collection of luxury handbags? so then sometimes you won’t like to show off those luxury handbags in a simple closet rather you would like to show off them.

Of all the handbag storage ideas this is my personal favorite one.

Yes, why not show off that expensive luxury handbag? So here as seen from the image you can think of storing your luxury designer handbags in a glassdoor cupboard.

It will look miraculous in your house. No doubt you can buy it readymade from a furniture store or can even order to design a glass door cupboard at a furniture store as you want.

This tip will really give some extra burnish to your house interior. Not only luxury bags you can even put other luxury items to show off your things.

So if you have a collection of luxury handbags then try tip 5 it could look good in your house interior.

Consider visiting the 10 best designer handbags to invest in 2021 and check that do you have a designer handbag from the 10 designer handbags.

Tip-6: Store In Simple Cupboard

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

We all store clothes, books, and many essentials in a cupboard right? then why not to utilize a simple cupboard to store all of your bags?

The above image exactly showing that. At the bottom, you can think to store your sling bags, crossbody bags, and in the top section, you can think of storing your everyday use handbags/purses so that you can carry them easily and faster.

If you have leather handbags then sometimes you might think like “I would have put my handbag in a cupboard now it becomes very dirty”. The cause of this word is simple because of the humid air your handbags get dirt from the air.

Tip-7: Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Tray

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

This type of hanging closet organizer tray is one of the best ways to store your small collections of purses like clutches, totes, satchels, etc.

This beneath-shelf putting storage organizer tray maintains closet clutter underneath manage by means of using the unused area to keep purses organized.

I have included this tray because not all women out there have a large collection of purses/handbags. Many of them have a small collection of 3-4 purses.

The above mention tray in the image is from Amazon.com and the tray was designed to hang underneath wire shelves in the bedroom.

Tip-8: Handbag Hanger Stand

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

If you are those who don’t have any closet or cupboard at your home then anyways you can then no worries guys.

Available in many e-commerce stores this type of stands is the best way to store your small collection of handbags.

Generally, this type of stands come with hooks where you can put your handbag. Before you put your purse/handbag make sure it is empty and fill it up with the newspaper to store it properly.

And yes you have to clean your handbags/purses if you use a stand. And also to protect it from moisture put a silica pouch in each bag.

Tip-9: Using Command Hooks

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

I understand that many people have small cupboard and closet to store their essentials and some doesn’t even have a closet.

No worries guys I have covered you. I already used this tip to store my handbags. By using command hooks I have managed to hang many purses in a small space.

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

So never ever feel guilty about what you have always grateful for what you have in your life. You can use small things.

Tip-10: Wall Shelf To Organize Handbags And Purse

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

Many of us do have wall shelves in our house. Like the above image, there is three wall shelf and other than that there are some command hook stands to store sling bags.

Using a handbag hanger closet organizer and hanger stand might have some troubles too, like talking out closet organizers and then getting a purse it becomes so time taking.

And it doesn’t matter if you have many wall shelves, even one wall shelf could look better if you have a small collection of purses/handbags.

So why not utilize a wall shelf to store or organize your handbags/purses. You could even show off your expensive designer handbags.

Even it will give your wall vibrant color designs with these handbags.

These wall shelves can even come off as decor for your rooms. So no doubt it is functional and decorative at the same time.

Extra Tip: Over The Door Hook Hanger

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store EffectivelyPurse & Handbag Storage Ideas: 10 Best Tips To Store Effectively

Now for those who only have a couple of spaces to store their handbags then they can use the door multi hook hangers like this and utilize the vertical space effectually.

You can easily place your handbags in individual hooks.

And alternatively one can use cloth hanging multi-hook hangers for sling and crossbody bags that have thick straps.

So these were a few tips to store handbags properly. A great thing about these all tips is that you can even try many of these tricks without even spending so much amount.

Some questions related to handbag storage ideas:

How to store designer handbags in closet?

Now when it comes to storing designer handbags you would be thinking that I will suggest you hanging closets and boxes to store your designer but if you have a budget to spend and want to increase the decoration of your rooms then why not try glassdoor cupboard closets?

If there are many separate sections exist in the cupboard then try to put different handbags in different sections.

Like you could put sling bags and crossbody bags in the bottom section and in the first section, you could put your everyday handbags like totes, satchels, hobos, clutches, etc.

How To Store Luxury Bags?

For storing luxury bags I understand that there were very high costs involved to buy those luxury designer handbags. So therefore you can think of storing these luxury designer handbags in a cupboard or in a glass door cupboard

As i talked earlier as exact in designer handbags you could try glass cupboard to put your luxury bags.

So no doubt glass door cupboard closet is functional and decorative at the same time. Common why not show off your expensive luxury bags?

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