How to Restore Faded Gold Hardware on Handbag: 5 Impressive Tips

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A purse with gold-tone hardware can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Over time, however, this hardware can become tarnished, dull, and lose its luster. Don’t worry if your gold-toned bag has seen better days! This blog post on How to Restore Faded Gold Hardware on Handbag 2023 will include some ways to restore … Read more

Top 50 Luxury Bag Brands [2023 Updated Rankings]

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The word “LUXURY” for a brand says plenty of things about its heritage and strong brand identity. Handbags have been here for around more than centuries. In the fashion world, a luxury bag is considered one of the most beneficial investments that you can make. Having said that there are plenty of luxury bags in … Read more

100 Oldest Watch Brands List 2022

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Watches have been around for centuries and are known as one of the most used accessories in history and even in the present. With that said watchmaking of wristwatches has been around for centuries starting back 19th or 20th century. Before wristwatches becomes popular in the 1900s there were pocket watches used for daily use. As … Read more

10 Best Black Friday Leather Handbag Deals 2022

best black friday leather handbag deals 2022

Handbags made from leather are never easy to select, especially if they are on sale. There may be plenty of leather handbags available on Black Friday. Black Friday is known as “Discount Day of the Year”. Different types of products are available on Black Friday. It gives you a chance to buy worthy products that … Read more

10 Best Designer Bag Black Friday Deals 2022 

10 Best Designer Bag Black Friday Deals 2022 

Choosing a designer handbag for Black Friday can be challenging, but a deal-filled 2022 Black Friday is here.    This list will include the 10 best designer bag Black Friday deals in 2022 from some of the most popular brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Fossil, Gucci, Burberry, etc. It is always good to check … Read more

10 Most Popular Oldest Luxury Brands Still In Industry

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The word Luxury is derived from the Latin word Luxuria. Luxury brands have strong brand identities and heritage of prominent features for their expensive and desirable goods.  Nevertheless, what makes these brands “Luxury Fashion Brands” is their lucrative way of doing business in their field with their product, steeply-priced goods, service, and whatnot. We have seen plenty of … Read more

10 Best Handbags For Laptops 2022 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

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Since the pandemic situation of 2020 involves a global pandemic, most professionals have been working from home, and children and students have been studying online.   In 2022 life will be normal, schools, colleges, corporate offices are being started. All your working accessories get worse after two years, maybe you will not be able to use … Read more

10 Best Affordable Handbags 2022 [Buyer’s Guide & Review]

10 best affordable handbags 2022

Handbags are bought for the long term, this blog on the 10 best affordable handbags 2022 will include both types of handbags. On our list of affordable purses in 2022, we will include a selection of the most popular types of handbags, including satchels, totes, hobos, etc. In addition to that, all handbags are under … Read more

How To Remove Hand Sanitizer Stains From Leather Car Seats [4 Methods]

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Since the beginning of Covid-19, we have been using Sanitizer more often. Hand sanitizers based on alcohol can damage leather, so I don’t want to freak you out. Sanitizer stains can damage even light colors like white. If you have come here for the solution on how to remove hand sanitizer stains from leather car … Read more

Best Genuine Leather Handbags Under $100 [Ultimate Guide 2022]

best genuine leather handbags under $100 2022

The impulse desire of purchasing a genuine leather handbag is what many of us do. Now this DESIRE must be translated into reality. You will nevertheless find plenty of your favorite handbags selling for more than $500, $1,000, or even more. Throughout this blog post of the 10 best genuine leather handbags under $100, I’ll include … Read more