Having a bag is a crucial thing, isn’t it? whether it’s a backpack, handbag, waist bag, sling bag, and others. We often need to use bags for like classes, to carry a laptop, essential things, office bags, briefcases and yes plenty of others.

Today in this blog we are going to see 50 pictures of different types of bags including bags that you may own.

The first modern backpack created by Kelty is one of the most famous types of bags and other than that we have a handbag that we all are familiar with and even with that mickey mouse school bag using these types of bags somehow people are taking leverages out of this “bag” invention.

50 Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags


The first-time term “Backpack” was used in the US in the 1910s and since then it becomes a priority for many students, employees, tracking freaks, and also for travel freaks.

A modern backpacks developed by Kelty is becoming more useful and lightweight backpacks

Nowadays backpacks come in lightweight and in many color options due to man-made materials like polyester and natural material such as cotton canvas.

Backpacks are also available in leather material so no doubt that backpacks are fully developed nowadays for our daily essentials. Check out our blog on how to choose a backpack if you are looking for a backpack or just want to increase your knowledge.

These all are majority types of backpack that have been used in the modern world:

1) Basic Daypack

A basic daypack is one of the most used types of backpacks that can be used for students, the gym, the office, and many other things. This type of backpack is best for students.

2) Laptop Backpack

A Laptop backpack is used to fit a laptop and essential things with it.

3) Rucksack Backpack

A Rucksack backpacks have a flap that covers the main compartment like a backpack.

However, one of the differences between a Rucksack backpack and a daily backpack is that the daily backpack has a zip-around main compartment where a rucksack backpack has a flap that covers the main compartment from the upper side.

4) Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft backpacks are usually similar to a day pack and laptop backpack but you won’t see a zipper around this bag rather it has a zipper in the rear of that bag or it comes with a small zipper.

5) Duffel Backpack

A Duffle backpack has very good shoulder straps. You can use it on your back and as well with your hand because the majority of duffle bags come with a handle strap.

6) Drawstring Backpack

Pictures of different types of bags

A drawstring backpack or backpack is secured closed by a drawstring. Generally, drawstring backpacks do not come with zippers instead a drawstring covers the main compartment.

7) Hiking/Trekking/Cycling Backpack

Hiking/trekking/cycling backpacks have become more popular day by day. It comes with higher space than that of common backpacks. It could be helpful in traveling, trekking, and cycling.

8) Waist Bag/Bum Bag

A waist bag often known as the bum bag is used to worn around your waist. Waist bags are made from many materials including leather, polyester, nylon, and many more.

There are many types of bag materials that companies make check our blog on 10 types of bag materials you will get much an idea about which material is perfect and which is not.

9) Sling Bag

A Sling bag also considered a Shoulder Bag is a bag that’s designed to be worn comfortably across the back or chest of your body and it comes with a cross-shoulder style strap.

It can be made out of many materials including leather, denim, polyester, and others. Read 10 types of sling bags in the fashion world.

10) Satchel Backpack

A Satchel backpack features the artistic characteristics of a satchel. It features a double-buckled top flap, along with a front pocket, and is always made of leather or PU leather.

Handbags and Purses

These both are considered to be one of the most used types of bags out there. According to Pinterest Trends purse is a commonly used query in the US and handbag is a commonly used query in the UK and other EU countries.

Handbags and purses offered in plenty of types of styles, sizes, and shapes. You may even own whether it’s satchel, hobo, clutch, or any we are going to sort at least 50 pictures of different types of bags.

The majority types of handbags used in the industry are:

11) Hobo Bag

Hobo bag comes with a flat shoulder strap. It can be used as handbag bag and side bag.

12) Tote Bag

Tote bags come with an open-top compartment and a handle. Though sometimes the tote bag looks simples, It has enough space to fit essentials. Even the bag that you get from the shopping center could be a tote bag.

Click on this and visit our blog on what is a tote bag?

13) Satchel Handbag

A Satchel bag is a rectangular leather bag that features a top handle and a long shoulder strap. The Satchel bag is flat from the bottom. Satchel also features a flip cover.

Check our blog on what is a satchel bag? for more information about one of the most used bags.

14) Straw Tote Bag

The Straw bag is a side bag type of bag that is made using straw and canvas. However, Straw bags can be made using other materials too.

15)  Woven Tote

Woven Tote is a Tote type bag made using leather and synthetic fibers. Initially, Woven Tote was made using a straw.

16) Fringe Bag

A fringe bag is made using leather or suede that dangles off of the bag and sways.

17) Bucket Bag

A Bucket bag is a bucket-shaped bag and comes with 2 straps one a handle and another shoulder strap.

18) Canteen Bag

A Canteen bag is rounded bag that comes with a tassel or shoulder strap.

19) Musette Bag

A Musette bag comes with two Buckles and can be used as a side bag and the majority of this type of bag comes in cotton materials.

20) Clutch Hand Bag

A Clutch is a handbag that can be carried underarm. Most Clutch handbags don’t come with straps or handles.

21) Kiss Lock Clutch

A Kiss Lock Clutch bag is a type of handbag that is fixed by a kiss-lock clasp. Most of Kill Lock Clutch bag comes in PU leather or pure leather and can be seen in other materials as well.

22) Wristlet Bag

A Wristlet Bag is a wallet of the clutch bag that can be worn around the wrist and also can be used as a handbag. A

Wristlet bag is one of the best types of handbag and can be considered in our blog on pictures of different types of bags.

23) Coin Purse

Pictures of different types of bags

As its name suggests coin purse is used to fit coins and as well can be used to fit a credit card.

24) Long Wallet

Pictures of different types of bags.

A Long Wallet is no longer shipped wallet to hold cash, cards. It can also use a Coin Purse.

25) Minaudière

Pictures of different types of bags.

26) Boston Bag

A Boston bag is a barrel-shaped bag and comes with a top zipper closure and also features two top handles.

27) Dopp Bag

A Dopp bag is used for holding cosmetic items and toiletries. A Dopp bag is larger in size to fit cosmetic items.

28) Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a large fabric bag that stores enough items for short traveling. It comes in a rectangular shape and features a top zipper.

29) Duffle Bag

The Duffle bag is also used in traveling and it’s bigger than a random weekender bag. It has long straps and also used in the sport. Duffle bag has been a popular choice for many travelers. With this popularity, we included duffle bags in pictures of different types of bags.

30) Barrel Bag

A Barrel bag is similar to a Duffle bag but it is a cylindric-sized bag that comes in barrel-shaped. It is also used as a travel bag.

 31) Bowling Bag

A Bowling Bag got it’s name from 1990s, which was to carry bowling balls, bowling shoes, and other as well equipment.

32) Messenger Bag

A Messenger Bag is a large horizontal bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap with a flap cover. It was originally used by mail couriers but nowadays it used to fit laptops and other essential things.

33) Field Bag

A Field bag is made with canvas material and can be used to fit essential things it has large utility pockets on the outside for usable storage.

34) Laptop Bag

A Laptop Bag as its name suggests its use is to fit a laptop and has a handle and strap.

35) Trunk Bag

A Trunk Bag is a type of shoulder bag that can be worn on the shoulder. It has enough space to fit many essentials.

36) Camera Bag

A Camera Bag is specifically made for cameras. Camera bags features compartments that specifically made to fit camera equipment and camera.

37) Tennis Bag

The Tennis Bag as its name suggests that it’s designed to fit tennis rackets, bolls, and as well as other tennis equipment.

38) Golf Bag

A Golf Bag is made to hold golf clubs and types of equipment. Its strap can come in a single strap or double straps.

39) Guitar Bag

A Guitar Bag is designed to fit a guitar. Guitar Bag is a most used bag that why we considered it in pictures of different types of bags.

40) Portfolio Bag

The Portfolio Bag is used to carry large papers. Most of the Portfolio Bag comes with a zipper.

41) Garment Bag

A Garment Bag is used by businessmen and can be used for traveling at airport.

42)  Army Duffle Bag

A Army Duffle Bag is a large sized bag that can fit many things in it.

43) Hardside Luggage

A Hardside Luggage is made using aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, or polypropylene. Hardside Luggage can be used for travel internationally or for many days traveling.

A Hardside Luggage is one of the most used carry items that’s why we included it in our blog of pictures of different types of bags.

44) Softside Luggage

A Softside Luggage is made from outside materials like canvas and nylon. As like hard side luggage Softside, Luggage is used in traveling.

And it is lightweight luggage than Hardside Luggage, we decided to included Softside Luggage in our blog of pictures of different types of bags.

45) Briefcase

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

The Briefcase is a flat and container shaped bag. It is used to carrying documents, books, and other essential things. The Briefcase is one of the most used carry items out there that’s why we included in our blog pictures of different types of bags.

46)  Pilot Case

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

The Pilot Case is similar to briefcase but it has rolling wheels on bottom.

47) Rope Sling Bag

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

A Rope Sling Bag is a Sling type bag but It has a difference of side straps made from a cotton canvas or using other material. It’s popular among fashion influencers that’s why I included it in our blog on 50 pictures of different types of bags.

48) Randoseru

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

The Randoseru backpack is famous among Japanese students and it features a hard shell shape that’s typically made from leather or can feature leather-like synthetic materials.

 49) Saddle Bag

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

A Saddle bag is a small bag that used in bicycle or in bike.

50) Pannier Bag

Pictures Of Different Types Of Bags

A Pannier bag is designed to carry gear on the bicycle’s rear rack. A pannier bag is also used for a random bag to carry essentials.

So these all are pictures of different types of bags.

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