You often need to use a handbag whether you are just going shopping or a party you need a handbag. A handbag is one of the best ways to store your daily essential things along with a credit card.

Before creating a blog on types of handbags and their names we reached many online sites including, Fendi, Hermès, Louise Vuitton, and many more, and have also gone through other articles on types of handbags and their names. Without being said other things let’s get started.

Types Of Handbags And Their Names -

30 Types of handbags and their names are listed below:

1) Tote Bag

A tote bag is a large bag than a hobo and satchel type bag. It has enough space to fit many things in it. It is also considered a large bag to carry as a shopping bag.

The majority of tote bags come with an opened top compartment and a set of double-handle to carry them. Nonetheless, oftentimes it comes with a zippered top compartment, which gives more security to the bag. So if you buy a zippered tote bag then you would you taking leverages out of it.

The tote features no interior or exterior pockets. If you have seen a tote bag or own one you should be thinking that why we included a tote bag in our list of types of handbags and their names.

Because nowadays women have handbags that are the size of tote bags but it’s a specific class of tote bags that is called “totes bags “.

A tote bag has been kind enough to offer a much sizer space than most the other handbags or Waist bags.

2) Satchel

A Satchel bag is a rectangular leather bag that features a top handle that can be used as a handbag and a long shoulder strap. The Satchel bag is flat from the bottom. Satchel also features a flip cover.

Types of handbags and their name

Traditionally it was used by school students to carry their books and as well by doctors. The Satchel has remained classic and popular due to its trend. heritage and durability.

Some people often confuse between satchel bag, totes, and hobo bag you can check our blog on what is a satchel bag where we also included topics of difference between satchel, totes, and hobo.

3) Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag and features a long strap that designed to be worn over the shoulder, not like a satchel bag where a satchel bag is worn around the shoulder.

The majority of hobo bags are made from soft materials like polyester, canvas, and many more. Currently, hobo bags can be seen with zippers or without zippers it’s upon you what do you like if you want more safety then buy a bag with zippers.

4) Straw Tote Bag

A straw tote bag is a tote type bag made of straws and canvas. In past, people were using this type of bag for shopping and as well to fit essential things.

5) Woven Tote

A woven tote bag is like a tote bag. Traditionally, woven totes were made of straws like a straw tote but nowadays designers make them with leather and synthetic types of materials.

There mainly 10 types of materials used in a bag so it’s no doubt that designers first have to choose which material that they would like to use in the bag.

6) Pouch

A pouch is a type of handbag that features a zipper on top of the pouch bag. It is one of the best ways to store your credit card, makeup items, and other essential things.

You will find a pouch with short straps that can be worn around the wrist that’s why pouch is being used by many nowadays.

7) Clutch Bag

A Clutch is a handbag that can be carried underarm. Most Clutch handbags don’t come with straps or handles.

Clutch is designed to be carried without straps and can only be worn around under your arms or can be carried with hands thus we included clutch bags in our list of types of handbags and their names.

Clutch is smaller than that of a pouch handbag but it can fit your essential things like a mobile device, credit cards, makeup items, and other stuff.

8) Kiss Lock Clutch

A Kiss Lock Clutch bag is a type of handbag that is fixed by a kiss-lock clasp. Most of Kill Lock Clutch bag comes in PU leather or pure leather and can be seen in other materials as well.

Kiss lock clutch type of bag often looks like a simple clutch handbag but it has only different than a simple bag doesn’t have a locking clasp rather kiss lock clutch comes with a locking clasp.

9) Envelope Clutch

An envelope clutch is similar to a basic clutch. The envelope comes with triangular flap closure. The envelope clutch doesn’t come with zippers instead it features a magnet-type button to lock flap closer to each other.

10) Minaudière

Minaudière is a type of clutch or handbag. It features decorative crystals that make it a classy handbag or clutch.

If you want to buy a clutch for formal occasions then this would be one of the best choice.

11) Wristlet Bag

Wristlet Bag is a type of clutch wallet bag that can be worn around the wrist and also can be used as a handbag.

Wristlet bag is one of the best types of handbag for formal occasions and can be considered in our blog on types of handbags and their names.

12) Boston Bag

Boston bag is a type of handbag and it is a barrel-shaped bag and often comes with a top zipper closure and also features two top handles.

13) Knot Bag

Knot Bag is getting it’s name from knot loop that secures the top part of the bag. Knot bag is much popular in Japan

14) Dopp Bag

Dopp bag is used for holding cosmetic items and toiletries. Dopp bag is larger in size to fit cosmetic items.

Dopp bag is also utilized to fits toothbrushes, shave creams, trimmers, and many more. Dopp bag is one of the best ways to store your cosmetic items or toiletries.

15) Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a large fabric bag that stores enough items for short traveling and also can be used as a handbag. It comes in a rectangular shape and features a top zipper.

16) Purse

Purse is a well famous type of small bag to carry with hands. It is one of the most famous and used handbags out there. Purse is used to carrying cash, credit card, and other small things.

Purses vary in size and made out of sorts of materials. It features a zipper on top.

17) Coin Purse

The coin purse features a coin-type button strap. As its name suggests coin purse is used to fit coins and as well can be used to fit a credit card and cash.

18) Long Wallet

A Long Wallet is a longer shaped wallet to hold your essential things like credit cards, cash, and more. It can also use a Coin Purse.

Long wallets are often fastened by a snap button strap and also some of the long wallets come as coin buttons.

19) Baguette Bag

Baguette bag is like a long wallet but it’s narrower than a long wallet. Baguette bag is smaller and versitile it can be used on formal occasions.

Baguette bag features only 1-2 straps which can be worn around waist.

20) Doctor’s Bag

In the past doctor’s bag was originally used by doctors that’s why it’s named a doctor’s bag. It features a split handle or can be opened from the top.

At present, the doctor’s bag comes in sorts of materials like leather, polyester, canvas, and many more to consider.

21) Gladstone Bag

Basically, a Gladstone bag looks like a doctor’s bag but it’s made of leather and features buckles with it. It looks more stylish than that of a doctor’s bag.

22) Bowler Bag

A bowler bag is a dome-sized handbag that features two straps. Bowler bag feature many compartments inside and makes them more versatile in use for shopping and traveling. It is a retro-style of handbags.

23) Duffle Bag

The Duffle bag is also used in traveling and it’s bigger than a random weekender bag. It has long straps and also used in the sport.

Duffle bag has been a popular choice for many travelers. With this popularity, we included duffle bags in types of handbags and their name.

24) Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag is a large horizontal bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap with a flap cover. It was originally used by mail couriers but nowadays it used to fit laptops and different types of essential things.

The messenger bag is one of the most used bags out there that’s why we included it in our list of types of handbags and their name.

25) Barrel Bag

A barrel bag is much similar to a duffle bag but it is a cylindric-sized bag that comes in barrel-shaped. It is also used as a travel bag like a duffel bag. Barrel bags are versatile and used by many travel freaks.

26) Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a large fabric bag that stores enough items for short traveling. It comes in a rectangular shape and features a top zipper.

If you are a travel freak and travel often for a short period of time then this would one of our picks for that because as its name suggests it’s solely made for weekend traveling.

27) Laptop Bag

laptop bag as its name suggests it is a rectangular type of bag that can be used to fit a laptop and has a handle and strap. A laptop bag is best for office-goers because of its features like multiple compartments inside.

28) Field Bag

Another type of handbag bag filed bah is made of canvas material and can be used to fit essential things it has large utility pockets on the outside and as well inside.

If you want to know more about the materials of bags check our blog on 10 types of materials.

Field bag is made with canvas material and can be used to fit essential things it has large utility pockets on the outside for usable storage.

29) Bucket Bag

The Bucket bag is a bucket-shaped bag and comes with 2 straps one a handle and another shoulder strap and due to the top handle, it can be considered in our blog on types of handbags and their names.

30) Garment Bag

As with duffle and other duffle type handbags garment bag also features a handle and a shoulder strap. Garment Bag is used by businessmen and can be used for traveling in an airplane.

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