Sling bags have become very popular within the last couple of years and if you are thinking that sling bags are just for fashion but there are more than just a fashion accessory.

The sling bag is one of the best options to carry your daily items without pulling around a larger backpack. This blog is a perfect answer for your queries about types of sling bags.

Types Of Sling Bags are listed below:

  1. Classic Sling Bags
  2. Crossbody Sling Bag
  3. Rope Sling Bag
  4. Leather Sling Bag
  5. Messenger Sling Bag
  6. RuckSack Sling Bag
  7. Traveling/Trekking Sling Bag
  8. Anti-theft Sling Bag
  9. Wallet Crossbody Bag
  10. Denim Sling Bag

What is a sling bag?

Sling bag is a bag that’s designed to be worn comfortably across the back or chest of your body and it comes with a cross-shoulder style strap. 

The buckle of sling bags tends to be off-center, the straps connect diagonally, and the body of the bag manages to have an oblong shape 

It’s made to solely fit your daily side essential things like a mobile charger, makeup items, credit card, and other small essentials.

Sling bags are usually available in varieties of colors, materials, and style check out our blog of ultimate guide to buy backpack which includes materials of various types of bags and backpack.

Sling bags are lightweight and stylist and because of that people are using it as trendy bags and stylist bag.

You might have seen and listened to that sling bags, hip packs and bum bags are the same or you will see people say that sling bags and waist bags are the same but there are many differences between sling bags, waist bags, hip packs, and bum bags.

But out there it’s companies that choose to say them sling bag to hip packs yes it looks the same but it isn’t the same.

Types of sling bag
Crossbody Sling Bag

So what is the difference between a sling bag and waist bag?

As we discussed that sling bags have a long strap that can hang from the shoulder or access to the front of your body. You can wear it like a side bag. Wherever a waist bag comes with a waist strap that can only hang around your waist. The waist bag comes with a smaller length of waist backpack.

Sling bags usually come in lightweight and can be moved easily around the front and back of your body.

Due to its lightweight style, people often use it as a side bag to fit essential things like mobile phones, keys, chargers, makeup items, cameras, USB cables, Headphones, Ipad mini, and many more essential things.

Fit all of your pocketable items into your sling bag, and have access to everything that you’d like for the day without needing to bring a larger bulky backpack.

Types Of Sling Bags

1) Classic Sling Bags

Classic sling bags come in rectangular sizes. Many classic sling bags come with front zipper pockets. The strap of classic sling bags is larger and thinner than a waist bag.

The design of sling bag looks like a handbag but the strap says all about sling bags.

Whether you are going on date or shopping this thing will look fine. Classic sling bags come in many materials including leather, polyester, nylon, and many more.


  • Trendy and stylist


  • Can’t fit a book or journal

2) Crossbody Sling Bag

The crossbody sling bag is a type of sling bag that most of the fashion freak uses. Crossbody type of sling bag is a mixture of backpack + messenger bag or side bag.

Talking about style it would look best on casual clothes. A cross-body sling bag comes with a strap that can be worn as a side bag or across the body.

It works as a small backpack or side backpack for traveling or trekking. Nowadays people are using it for traveling along with them


  • Zipper closure.
  • Comfortable and trendy


  • Can’t feet a laptop

3) Rope Sling Bag

Rope type cross-body sling bag stands apart from other sling bags. It has a difference of side straps made from a cotton canvas or using other material.

Basically, its straps are looking like a rope that’s why it named as “rope sling bag”.

This type of sling bag looks fancier and stylish than most of the other sling bags that we will discuss. It can hold small items like small food packets, food boxes, keys, chargers, mobile phones, and many more essential things.


  • Stylist and lightweight


  • Some time sling may make scratches on your skin if you often wear sleeveless outfits

4) Leather Sling Bag

Leather bags are one of the most used bags out there and look simply classic and trendy. It’s been here for many years.

Leather material is one of the most famous materials for backpacks from many centuries humans are involved with leather items. High-quality leather bags will last longer for years.


  • Fancy and lightweight
  • Durable


  • Little bit heavy

5) Messenger Sling Bag

The messenger sling bag is just a bigger sized sling bag. Many messenger sling bags come in bigger sizes than most other types of sling bags. It has space to fit your IPAD and other essential things.

Messenger sling bags are available in leather bags.


  • Durable
  • Comes with bigger size


  • Some time it comes with bad quility so beware check reviews before buying any of messange bag

6) RuckSack Sling Bag

Rucksack backpacks have a flap that covers the main compartment of the bag. Generally, it comes with a buckle.

Another difference is that most of the Rucksack backpacks are made of soft durable PU and Nylon Fabric and have a brown color. Like another sling backpack, it has a shoulder strap.

You can fit your essential things in this type of sling bag. Rucksack sling bag is one of the best gifts for your mates, brother, sister, dad and mom.


  • Durable and stylist
  • Lightweight


  • It has only a few color options including brown, violet, grey, and black

7) Travelling/Trekking Sling Bag

A traveling/trekking backpack is just like a crossbody backpack but it has a little bigger space to fit your essentials. You can even fit your journal, a book, and as well as other essential things.

This could be one of the best type of sling bag that you can use while travelling or trekking.


  • Lightweight and stylist


  • Can’t fit a laptop

8) Anti-theft Sling bag

The anti-theft sling bag is another type of sling bag that exists in the market. As there are Anti-theft backpacks are getting more popular day by day so does Anto-theft sling bag.

The difference between an anti-theft sling bag vs another sling bag is that the zippers of anti-theft sling bags aren’t visible from the front of the backpack instead it has zippers in the back of the bag and most of the anti-theft sling bags are made of carbon-fiber material.


  • Stylist and comfortable


  • Not available in many color choice

9) Wallet Crossbody Bag

Wallet crossbody bag pack is just like a classic sling bag but it has a chain or a leather strap attached to it as you can see in the image that there is a chain that exists that attacked to strap.

Wallet crossbody sling bag is one of the best sling bags for daily use for women. The majority of wallet crossbody bags are solely made for women.

Make sure before buying these types of bags please check reviews of particular products.


  • Better look
  • Trendy


  • Only comes with 1 compartment

10) Denim Sling Bag

Denim sling bags are durable and trendy since it’s made from the same material as denim jeans and jackets. Denim sling bag is one of the best sling types of bags for casual styling.

Whether you are a travel freak or fashion freak denim sling bag will be looking stylish. It is a lightweight type of sling bag,

Many people are using it as casual styling. The denim sling bag is one of the best types of sling bags plus it’s a casual and stylish sling bag to use on a daily basis.


  • Denim backpacks are one of the best backpacks for casual styling.


  • Most denim sling bags come in a washed blue color so for color selection it has a disadvantage.


A sling bag is one of the best ways to carry as your side bag whether you are traveling or going shopping sling bag would be the best option as a side bag carry your essentials with a sling bag.